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“Many times, I have searched for unity with men and you two have welcomed me fully and completely, mud and all, to heal. These days I know not what to expect, yet I knew I would feel genuinely loved and cared for. The time we have spent has helped me to understand and further my knowledge on many things.”

— Josh

"It is the first time I have taken a Workshop like this, and I was able to express my situation regarding how it has related me romantically with men. By explaining the basics of Tantra, I also understood the importance of understanding that everything is an experiment, and the power of opening oneself to the possibility of learning from it."

— Steffanny

"The communion with other men in brotherhood and love was just the remedy.  Between Garrell’s joyful and skilled oversight of every program detail, and Swami Ravi’s powerful emanations of calm and profound wisdom, the retreat left me with abundant food for thought, centering vibrations and undertones that I’ve brought back home."

— Richard S.

“Conversations, yoga, meditation, sitting, walking, eating, being, writing, practices….it all sounds so simple, and it is. And yet, I found a magic at Dancing Shiva with Swami Ravi and Garrell that brings these elements together into a transformative whole.”

— Ellen

“Swami Ravi and Garrell have put together an opportunity of a lifetime to learn, love and play with the principles of Tantra and it would be impossible to leave from this experience without a sense of greater understanding of living a more delicious life.”

— Michael


Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery & Healing Center | 21 Night Sky Ln, Black Mountain, NC 28711 | 828-669-2121

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