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“When the inner becomes outer and the outer inner, the spontaneous dance between shiva and shakti – of playfulness and pleasure – speeds us along the tantric path of spiritual unfoldment.”
– Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati

Dancing Shiva is a healing sanctuary for all people looking to discover the essential teachings of Indic tantra with its emphasis on the dance between Shiva and Shakti within themselves. This ownership of ones “bisexuality,” common among LGBTQ folk, provides a foundation for the men who live in community providing transformative workshops, programs, and events with a focus on sexuality and spirituality.


and events

Come experience the healing power of Tantra with our community oriented events.

@ Dancing Shiva August 17-19

Sept. 12-16 at Easton Mountain near Albany, NY

Oct. 13 & 14 @ Dancing Shiva

On the Oaxacan coast, Mexico Jan. 11-15, 2019



Delve into the world of tantra in one of our residential or remote offerings.

Learn how Dancing Shiva tantra evolved and about it’s early foundations in the life and teaching of Swami Rama.


Join Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati in a whimsical though profound ramble thru fascinating realms of tantra via his writings.

Share the insights of those who have partaken of Dancing Shiva’s wisdom, guidance and nurturance.


Expand your exploration and enrich your understanding of tantra thru our network of collaborators and kindred spirits.


If you do not find your answers here please reach out to us we are enjoy curiosity.

“Dancing Shiva is a small secluded monastic retreat that welcomes those who are committed to waking the path of spiritual / sexual awareness. It is staffed by men who practice and teach a tantra centered on the inner marriage between Shiva and Shakti.”


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