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Our Retreats

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Residential Retreats

These residential programs such as Yoga, Meditation, Rejuvenation, Health & Vitality, Sexuality, Spirituality, Diet & Nutrition, and Permaculture immersions are scheduled for groups or individuals who wish to focus on one area in depth. These programs can be either short-term or long-term stays at the Monastery.

Private Retreats for Men

Individuals or couples, from 2 nights & 1 full day up to 2 weeks, of personally arranged programing at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery dedicated to various topics of choice: silence, yoga & meditation, tantric/erotic coaching, sacred sexuality, self exploration, spiritual practices and land based living.

Let us know if you are interested or would like to have a conversation regarding our private retreats. The fees beginning with 2 nights and 1 full day are $950 for one person, $1,200 for a couple. For longer stays, the compensation will be dependent on length of stay and choice of programming.

Male in Yogastan

Cleansing Retreats

These retreats are available for all types of purification: physical, mental, spiritual and erotic.  To reach full vitality we need to remove some of the obstacles to our innate biology, which supports our emotional mental and spiritual health as well. Our food and environment have pesticides, herbicides and toxins that are burdening our body system’s ability to heal.

Our body wants to heal and has the intelligence to do it. By providing clean air, food, water and energy, we begin the process of cleansing.

These week-long retreats will be informed and facilitated by Dr. Monique Mazza, our on-site Naturopathic Physician.

Private consultations and in-depth preparation is required prior to any type of Cleansing Retreat.  

The next retreats are scheduled for April and October, 2025.

Yoga in the Yogastan

Private Retreats for Women

Individually designed retreats for women, guided by one of our teachers, Mana Vermeulen-McLeod. 

Personally arranged time at Dancing Shiva dedicated to: silence, meditation, walks in the forest, practices recommended by Mana and Swami Ravi, working in the garden, cooking and more, that are uniquely designed to nourish you.

Chinnamasta Image

Private Eco-Erotic Retreats

“Nature is the supreme teacher of spiritual sovereignty.” 

Eco-eroticism is the practice of combining your love of nature with your personal sense of erotic attraction - to beauty, to movement, to mystery, to the source of life itself.

It is our pleasure to invite you on a guided exploration of your own desires, and how they can take you more deeply into connection with yourself, others and nature. Through the practice of eco-eroticism, you can gain an increased sense of intuition, clarity, self-awareness and a deeply felt sense of the inherent harmony of the universe.

Please join us for a one day personal eco-erotic retreat led by one of our experiences facilitators.

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