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2 Year Women's & Gender Queer (AFAB)* Tantra Training

  • 104Weeks
  • 43Steps


This is a two-year immersive Tantra course for Women and Genderqueer AFAB folx*, focused on strengthening our collective and personal capacities to cultivate our clarity, grounded-ness, access to agency, and embodied aliveness. ​Starting October 2024, we will meet seasonally for 8 deep-dive weekend retreats, interspersed with a rhythm of group zoom check-ins and personal coaching sessions. Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery, outside of Asheville, NC, will be our cohort home-base and where the majority of our in-person retreats will take place. Each of our seasonal explorations will be guided by a specific principle of Tantra, giving us time and space to integrate and develop a personal and group relationship with the teachings of each of these seven principles**. We will be exploring breath, meditation, self-connection practices, and rituals that support the integration of our spiritual aliveness and the embodiment of our magical selves into the mundane ordinariness of our daily lives. Together we will be cultivating a culture that expands capacity for radical self-love, enhances an empowering relationship with pleasure, seeks balance and inner union of our Feminine and Masculine energies, and courts a nourishing transformational relationship to Source. Join us to be part of a supportive community that sustains your soul. The length and consistent rhythm of this group container offers an opportunity to really sink into the practice, over time gaining deeper embodied awareness while supporting and witnessing one another’s transformative journey. Amidst the climate of socio-economic, environmental, and political turmoil we are currently facing, we need each other and these skills more than ever. *For Women & Genderqueer AFAB (Assigned Female at Birth): If you identify as a woman, have been socialized as a girl/woman, are or have been a womb-carrier, you are welcome to join.

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