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Swami Ravi
Shiva - head detail

Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati

Rudolph Ballentine, MD

Founder and Leader

Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati (formerly Rudolph Ballentine, MD) had already been appointed clinical professor of psychiatry at LSU in New Orleans before he went to India in 1973 where he met his teacher. He trained in homeopathy and ayurveda there and returned to help with the fledgling Himalayan Institute, where under the supervision of his teacher, he set up a combined therapy program and developed a chain of holistic medical centers in the Northeast and Midwest. After writing Radical Healing as a completion of his medical and psychiatric career in 1998, he turned to teaching the principles of tantra that had run through his 20 years of study under Swami Rama. He took his sannyasa in the fall of 2016, and now teaches and writes at Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery and Healing Center.

Garrell Bevirt

Monastery & Healing Center Director

Garrell Bevirt is an artist, designer, dreamer and currently a student, practitioner, and teacher of yoga, meditation and tantra.

For the last eight years he has been immersed in a full-time, live-in tantra/yoga/meditation/permaculture mentorship/teacher

training with Swami Ravi.

Garrell’s yoga training has also been influenced by Diane Long a practitioner and teacher of Vanda Scaravelli Yoga. 

Garrell is dedicated to offering folks tools and attitudes

to balance inner and outer life. 

He has co-facilitated workshops in Costa Rica, Mexico, Hawaii, North & South Carolina, NY, Alaska and the UK.

Garrell is passionate about helping folks weave their spirituality and sexuality through movement, meditation, connection and play.

Garrell Bevirt


Path to Garden
Mana Vermeulen-Mccloud
Shiva - head detail

Mana Vermeulen-McLeod

Tantric Life Coach

I feel blessed to count both Swamiji and Garrell as my close friends and fellow community members, here at Earthaven Ecovillage. My husband and I met Swamiji at one of his teachings on Inner Marriage in 2008. In 2016, I visited an impactful tantra teacher after the loss of a loved one. The level of magic and direct embodied communication with Source I experienced there, made me deeply curious in these ancient practices and principles. 

Having finished my formal studies, I have developed a Tantric Life Coaching practice and am on the Householder Path, where motherhood, family and genuine enlightenment come together. My coaching work predominantly involves women and I am so honored to now be able to invite my students and clients to come and enjoy Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery.


Go to Mana's Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery Courses.

Go to Mana's Coaching Practice Website.

Dr. Monique Mazza

Naturopathic Physician

I am a natural health expert with a doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I am a unique Naturopathic Physician who embodies my teachings while striving to live a sustainable off grid lifestyle at Earthaven Ecovillage. After a decade of clinical practice in a busy city, I grew tired of telling people how to be healthy and wanted to show them instead.

Over the past two decades I have empowered thousands of people with the knowledge of how to heal their body, mind, and spirit by applying basic tenets of health including nature and community connection.

When crafting your customized wellness recommendations, I combine knowledge of cutting edge science with the wisdom of time honored healing traditions to meet your individual needs.

Dr. Mazza will be directing and overseeing our Cleansing Retreats, beginning in the Fall of 2024.

Go to Monique's Dancing Shiva Tantra Monastery Retreats.

Go to Monique's Website.

Dr. Monique
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